Driving with Caution

Good reaction and sensible driving can make a big difference behind the wheels when it comes to unexpected movements or sudden road situations. A split second of distraction can possibly be a life-changer.

Following are some advice and tips on how you like to be treated by others and how you should conduct yourself when driving on the road.

Predict Possible Dangers

Occasionally you can foretell potential dangers simply by observing; if another vehicle is weaving and changing lanes dangerously on the road, you would definitely want to keep away from that driver to prevent a crash. When you encounter such situation, be prepared to stop, slow down or exit to the roadway to save yourself from dangers. It is always better to arrive at your destination a little late, but safe than to rush and risk yourself in life-threatening accidents.

Notice Dangers Early

By watching ahead ten to fifteen seconds, you can identify any dangers that may influence your driving. For instance, when you notice stalled vehicles or vehicle brake lights ahead, you can get ready to stop. Furthermore, if you see emergency hazards or vehicles, then it is highly possible something is occurring ahead. In such a scenario, you can protect yourself by changing lanes or slowing down when required. One point to note is that you should be conscious of plausible escape routes, for instance, exits and cross streets.

Besides, you need to make a lane change when driving near a DOT vehicle, tow truck or emergency vehicle on the freeway, if it is safe for you to do so. However, if the scenario does not allow you to do so, you should slow down and drive in a safe speed.

Adjust Position and Speed

You should constantly adjust your driving speed in response to the road conditions and traffic around you. When you met with a collision, construction or road closure, be cautious and get ready to stop the automobile.

Bear in mind to keep a distance between the vehicle in front and your vehicle. Also, try moving your vehicle into a lane which can allow you to move through dangers or avoid them altogether.

Plan and Prepare for Potential Escape Routes

Recognizing the area you are driving is important. This is because when you need to take an alternate route or exit in order to avoid a dangerous road condition, you also need to know how to get back to your way and not be lost. You may want to turn on the radio and listen to traffic reports; this can help in preparing your routes. When the unexpected happens, you will adapt to the situations and make changes to your routes safely and easily. Nowadays smartphones may come with GPS service, map assistants or applications which can warn you about road conditions or traffic. Even though these tools are useful to your driving, you will still need to drive safely and responsibly and obey the traffic rules and signs.

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