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A vehicle can become stuck on the side of the road as a result of an accident or vehicle malfunction. In cases like this when the vehicle cannot be driven back on the road by itself, off-road recovery specialists are required. Getting your car or motorbike back on the road is easy with an off-road recovery vehicle. With real experience, we offer winch out services. Regardless of the type of vehicle, we can tow it and get it out of any stuck situation quickly and efficiently.

Winch Out Service in NoHo and LA Areas

Towing NoHo is a premier Los Angeles, Hollywood-based towing company. We have an off-road recovery vehicle with a chain, cable, and a ten thousand pound weight capacity. A hydraulic winch that can help recover a stuck vehicle. We have a well-trained team of professionals that provides exceptional off-road recovery services.

As part of our commitment to giving our customers a pleasant experience, we deliver exceptional workmanship and exceptional work ethics to every service that we provide. Expert, well-trained and experienced technicians are among our technicians. We also provide them with top-of-the-line equipment and tow trucks, helping them to provide the most efficient service.

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We provide a variety of vehicle-related services such as tire change or repair, fuel delivery, lockout services, motorcycle towing, and more. We also own a customized aluminum rollback flatbed which has a low angle to the ground and can be used for loading & unloading vehicles. Whether you want to transport a car or other vehicles, we are the best choice.

Our company has helped countless drivers over the years with winch outs who’ve had their vehicles stuck in various locations. There are occasions where drivers at the beach have parked on the sand by accident and cannot drive their vehicles out. Another scenario is when driving into a puddle, only to find out it is a deep ditch rendering the car motionless no matter how much acceleration is applied. For highly reliable off-road recovery services and other services, we use the most advanced tools and equipment. We currently have a fleet of tow trucks available to provide towing services whenever you need them in North Hollywood.

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