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North Hollywood Towing Services

Towing NoHo provides towing services round-the-clock in North Hollywood and surrounding areas. We are the leading tow truck company in the community because of our fast response times and affordable service rates. Our towing crew has both the expertise and equipment to tow any vehicles; from motorcycles, cars, vans, box trucks to buses. Our fleet of tow trucks are regularly maintained to ensure performance. Feel free to call us today, our hotline is available 24/7!


Tel: (747) 250-8467


Car Towing Services

Car Towing

Has your automobile broken down? We are always ready to tow your vehicle to any location or repair shop to get it serviced or fixed. We will provide reliable and quick towing you need, so you will not be wasting precious time waiting around on the side of the road.

The trucks in our fleet are prepared for any challenging tasks. We are cautious in hauling the vehicles so that it can reach the designated location without any damage. We can tow cars including Toyota, Ford, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Ferrari, Porsche, Bentley and more. Whether it is regular or high-end luxury vehicles, you can rest assured they will be safely transported.

Motorcycle Towing

Motorcycle Towing

Towing NoHo provides motorcycle towing services in North Hollywood to have you covered. No matter the size and make of your motorcycle, we are able to have them moved safely. We will show up in the shortest time possible to render assistance to you. Towing a motorcycle is not difficult; if you have the appropriate experience and equipment. With our tow trucks, equipment and combined with towing experts, your motorcycle will be safely delivered to the destination of your choice, at affordable rates.

Medium Duty Towing Services

Medium Duty Towing

Our fleet of tow trucks and flatbeds are ready to assist in the towing or transporting medium sized trucks, RVs, motorhomes, vans and more. Towing medium-duty vehicles is different and can be a challenging task which requires more technical experience; can be a challenging task that needs skillful and trained operators. Our technicians are trained highly skilled in towing. We employ the latest technology and best operating practices to ensure that we perform safe and smooth tow for your vehicle.

Heavy Duty Towing Services

Heavy Duty Towing

Our team can provide safe transportation for heavy-duty vehicles at any time, whether it is night or day. Moving huge vehicles are unlike regular towing; it is necessary to be equipped with adequate and right equipment to tow them safely. Heavy duty towing is most appropriate for heavy vehicles like semi-trucks, buses, trailers, box trucks and more. Our heavy duty towing service has the efficiency, strength, and reliability you need. A heavy-duty vehicle break-down on the road is a big issue. You can always rely on our heavy-duty towing for large vehicles. If you require a reliable and safe towing solution, you may want need to consider our service.

Flatbed Tow Truck Image

Flatbed Towing

Tow trucks with flatbeds are useful for towing difficult-to-lift vehicles. Our flatbed tow trucks in North Hollywood can be utilized for accident recovery all year round on a 24-hour basis. With our flatbed towing service in North Hollywood and surrounding areas, we can respond to an emergency quickly. Our flatbed tow trucks can guarantee that your cherished asset will not suffer wear or tear during its transportation to a service station if it suffers a breakdown and must be towed. Including heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, vintage vehicles, and performance vehicles, our flatbed tow trucks are ideal for all types of vehicles. You can rely on our experienced drivers to transport your vehicle safely and securely.

wheel lift towing

Wheel Lift Towing

Towing equipment such as the wheel lifts has a metal frame that fits under the front (front) or rear (back) wheels of the vehicle being towed, which is very helpful when towing large vehicles. The front or rear end of the auto is lifted off the ground by using hydraulics or pneumatics while the other two wheels continue to roll. If the car has a rear wheel drive, it is attached to the rear wheel, rather than the axle, and the same is true for a front wheel drive. While they are able to lift a heavy load capacity, there are a few wheel lifts that can be mounted on light-duty pickup trucks.