Flatbed Towing

When a vehicle is involved in an accident or breaks down, flatbed towing is used to transport the vehicle between different places. Towing flatbeds is an essential component of hauling vehicles, station wagons, and heavy machinery such as dumpers and bulldozers that have type track mobility. Smaller vehicles are towed by attaching the track’s rear to a hydraulically inclined bed. A winch can then pull the vehicle up onto the bed with this setup. To move heavy machinery on the flatbed, trained personnel must be used; this part is challenging. Our company is one of the top providers of flatbed tow trucks.

Flatbed Towing in North Hollywood

Tow trucks with flatbeds are useful for towing difficult-to-lift vehicles. Our flatbed tow trucks in North Hollywood can be utilized for accident recovery all year round on a 24-hour basis. With our flatbed towing service in North Hollywood and surrounding areas, we can respond to an emergency quickly. Our flatbed tow trucks can guarantee that your cherished asset will not suffer wear or tear during its transportation to a service station if it suffers a breakdown and must be towed. Including heavy-duty vehicles, trucks, vintage vehicles, and performance vehicles, our flatbed tow trucks are ideal for all types of vehicles. You can rely on our experienced drivers to transport your vehicle safely and securely.

Flatbed Towing


Our towing service does not use middlemen for call dispatch, so we can send the right kind of help directly to you. Anytime and anywhere you need road assistance, our company provides 24-hour vehicle recovery.

For services that their distressed clients don’t need, some towing companies charge them. We at Towing NoHo, a flatbed tow truck, only charge for services rendered; our pricing will be informed.

Well-trained personnel

The towed vehicle’s wheels are all off the ground when it’s being towed on a flatbed. Damages can therefore be limited. There is less damage risk with a flatbed tow truck, but everything depends on the driver’s experience and training. We only hire experienced, certified drivers to ensure that your vehicle won’t be damaged.

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